GPTQA Scholarship Project Launch

Upskilling the global community in validity, consistency and reliability – “A Global Project”

Global Performance Testing International are very proud to be launching a unique campaign focused on health and wellbeing exclusively from an educational perspective with the GPTQA Level 1 online resource course openly available for just $25 AUD.

Until 30th November 2024 the course valued at $199 AUD will be fixed internationally at $25 AUD to encourage everyone who provides assessment or testing services OR who receive assessments themselves to really understand the importance of validity, consistency and reliability plus know the unique nuances of data when reading a report.

Technology is all around us and is here to stay especially in health care and sport development therefore now is the time to embrace it with knowledge and expertise while being open to question its reliability and purpose.

The GPTQA Level 1 resources are specifically designed for:

  • Teachers
  • Sport Coaches
  • Allied Health Practitioners
  • School aged students from Y9+ (where testing and assessment forms part of the curriculum)
  • Talent Identification Scouts
  • Data Analysts / Sport Scientists / AI Developers
  • Personal Trainers / Strength & Conditioning Coaches
  • Parents
  • Athletes

PE Teacher Promotion Video

The course itself covers four key elements including:

Module 1 – Defining field testing

Module 2 – Assessing a test environment

Module 3 – Evaluating quality assurance

Module 4 – Evaluating results and communications

More information on the curriculum is available here:

Be the best you can be and take some responsibility to ensure your student, athlete, patient or friend received the very best attention to detail you can provide.



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