GPTQA launches in India

In 2018 Global Performance Testing participated in a project to assess over 3,000 local school aged students in Mumbai, Maharashtra and Ooty and Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu with great success in supporting the professional development of more than twenty sport coaches and PE teachers. This project sparked the beginning of a broader expansion to support health, performance and wellbeing across the country.

Our founder Graham Dudley has recently signed a formal license partnership agreement with Dr Shruti Bhandurge, founder of Reign Human Performance & Health Science to expand the knowledge and best practice of GPTQA across the nation.

This month, Reign opens its doors to the communities of sport, education and workplace wellbeing at a fantastic, newly furnished facility in Pune, Maharashra including the employment of a highly experienced team in data analytics, exercise physiology, sport and exercise science, strength and conditioning and applied technologies too. All staff have successfully completed GPTQA levels one and two with direct on-boarding to advanced services by our Project Lead Jaymee Dudley BSc.

In partnership, GPTI and Reign are now proactively delivering GPTQA resources and education with an exciting project aligned for release in June this year. As part of this projects, we are seeking expressions of interest from sporting bodies, educational institutes and health professionals to join us in a global campaign to improve competence and confidence in applied technologies and data specific to health, sport performance and community wellbeing development.

To connect directly with Reign, email [email protected] or follow their progress on Linkedin here.


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