The GPTQA protocol library

Ever wasted time driving through the internet for protocols of performance and fitness testing for your team? Global Performance Testing International have provided all of the information in one, easy to use, library for all GPTQA subscribers.

Example test protocol for 20m Acceleration using timing gates

The library offers validated protocols from around the world covering aspects of anthropometry, function, cognition, fitness, movement, sport specificity and much more.

Access to the entire resource library is inclusively provided to any subscriber to GPTQA Level 1 or above with more detailed resources such as validation papers relating to technologies and more advanced protocols too.

“Our vision is to upskill the broader communities who provide testing, tracking and assessment on other people. This is an essential step to improve our health and performance and be able to focus on a preventative approach to wellness for the long-term.” Says GPTI CEO Graham Dudley

By using the same protocol within your team (school, sporting club, health practice etc), you significantly reduce the error in results and data. Best practice is based on consistency.

Contact the #GPTQA team for more information.

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