M.I.N.D. is officially open with GPTQA

Australia is open for new business as My Inspiration Never Dies formalises its role as the partner for GPTQA across the country.

Global Performance Testing International continue to expand the education and services of human health and wellbeing assessments across Australia with the addition of the extraordinary deep expertise of Deanna Niceski AEP and her team at M.I.N.D; a formally accredited allied health service provider covering sectors including NDIS, Medicare, DVA, TAC, Workcover and private health care too.

“Adding My Inspiration Never Dies to the GPTI network is a fantastic milestone in our transition from solely sport performance into health and wellness solutions globally” says GPTI CEO Graham Dudley.

The formal agreement means that the full array of testing from sport specific draft combines to school functional screening, one-on-one health screens to large scale workplace intervention assessments can all take place under the formal GPTQA process for confidence and competence.

As part of the launch, M.I.N.D. will also be supporting the “GPTQA Level 1 Scholarship Project” that provides professional development resources and training to teachers, practitioners, sport coaches, athletes and more for just $25 AUD.

“Working with GPTI and within the support structure of GPTQA has completely accelerated our business for the next generation in preventative healthcare. Applying technology with confidence throughout our teams across Australia on the same page is just so motivating as we see success in the lives of our clients on a literal daily basis” says My Inspiration Never Dies founder Deanna Niceski.

Being part of the GPTI network is creating unity between the client who is in desperate need of holistic support and the practitioner who intervenes with their health, development or recovery. By having the local sports coach, teacher, physiotherapist and GP, for example, using the same, validated process and data on the individual, there becomes a common language to accelerate intervention and hit the goal.

If you are interested in joining the GPTI network either within Australia or as a licensee partner in another country, please contact us at [email protected].


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